THIR Nepal Beanies

THIR Nepal Beanies are a small collection of handmade NZ wool beanies to complement our Christchurch-made merino. 

These colourful handmade Nepal beanies are a fun collaboration of natural NZ wool and traditional Nepali craft ... join us on our Nepal adventure!  Made in Nepal 









THIR Nepal beanie Story.

After the Earthquake many of the Nepalese people were struggling economically and THIR wanted to help out in a way that would be a sustainable difference to small villages – and a way for you to support the craftspeople of Nepal too.
Our hand knitted beanies are made by highly skilled artisans and help to create fair employment opportunities for Nepalese women and helps to improve the lives of the knitters. They are all hand-knitted in the small villages around Lalitpur, mostly at home, but are employed by an established Fair Trade factory with a safe work environment, social facilities, and steady wages .These well-designed winter classics are produced in an ethical and sustainable manner that will continue to have a positive social impact on the Nepalese women we employ.
These beanies have been warming heads all the way to the tops of mountains and are a great beanie to have when traveling whether it’s to the snow or going on a camping trip. They also look good visiting the pub…
 THIR is now able to offer chunkier, heartier handmade knit beanies to withstand daily use in harsh temps.  After all, wool is the warmest natural fibre… in the world