Our Values
This is what we believe in. These beliefs guide our decisions, actions, collaborations, strategy and daily life at THIR. 
Pushing your limits:
Our ethos encompasses the human need for growth, exploration and expansion,both physically and mentally. Every product, activity, piece of content, image and video emphasises our commitment to helping everyone do this, no matter what their physical abilities or environmental predicament.
Modern craftsmanship:
Quality is at the heart of everything we do, to the people we work with and relationships we build. Our aim is to create athletic gear perfectly suited to your activity with garments made by skilled hands and evolving technology in a factory with knowledge like no other. Every product we make and every activity we engage in, every brand we partner and every ambassador we choose lives by the same core  values and approach - a thirst to deepen their knowledge .
Truth and transparency:
 As a brand, we strive to push the limits in every aspect of our life. We are honest about our product and our people.We talk openly and honestly about ourselves, our hopes, fears and  our adventures.We like our customers,suppliers and partners to do the same. We are committed to our duties as an ethically , socially and environmentally responsible brand, employer  and manufacturer, and we take our responsibilities seriously.