SO WHAT IS A GOGGLETUBE? Super simple - a goggletube is a protective cover for your goggles. Use it at Aprés, on the bus or anywhere else you take your goggles. The way it’s designed means you can wear a goggletube even when you’ve got your helmet on. The Goggletube soft protective goggle covers provide easy protection while your goggles are left on your helmet. Protecting them everywhere. Constructed with athletic fabrics it slides easily over your goggles and holds tight to protect the lens. This soft fabric fits easily in your pack or pocket and fits all styles of goggles. hiking in bounds or the back-country, once you reach your peak, goggletube fits in your pack or pocket while you descend. A Back-country accessory at 9gms don’t wait another day buy one today (available at select THIR retailers) !



lens Protect ion

Expensive google lens are worth protecting. With Goggletube you are able to protect your goggle lenses when they are not in use.


Ideal for using when your googles are still attached to your helmet. 

in play operation 

They are really easy to remove and put on while in action. The unique design means your able to pull off with your gloves still on!