We’ve all been there. Frostbite, cold, and ready to quit. From the mountain trails to ski fields. No one should have to give up on their adventure because of their gear. That’s why we came up with the THIR headwear!
THIR offers Multi- Sport Head wear in eco friendly Merino and performance fabrics (Enduracool). 

New THIR Merino range of skullies out NOW. Made with sunshine and grass in the high country of the South Island of New Zealand.


Developed by athletes for athletes of all abilities, THIR is about giving life a go, whether to win or to simply participate and complete the event, and ticking off milestones. Small bites at a time is our moto, to always challenge yourself to be that little bit better.

Life is short. THAT'S HOW I ROLE equals THIR

Gail   "... I am now the proud owner of a black and white paisley THIR.  I have tried it at least 5 different ways and it is so warm and comfortable I am reluctant to take it off.  Great product!"

Gerald " i was so pleased to have one of these during the Hillary will never run without one again"  .....  "Aw man....sun protecting,,,,,,sweat wiping....water drenching,,,,,,,,thirst quenching,,,,,,need I say more"